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As Oracle provide the WebCenter suite to new customers, the requirement to migrate from other systems will occur. This will include:

• EMC Documentum
• IBM Websphere Portal
• OpenText Portal

Ether Solutions expects that as well as the “Portal” to “Portal” migration, there is likely to be a larger number of situations where large organisations will have multiple portal software implementations. The three key areas of Customer Portal, Supplier Portal and Employee Portal are expected to be the distinct segments. When this multiple technology situation occurs, elements of the solution are likely to be re-position / redefined.

Where WebCenter Suite is being implemented, the migration to use parts of the Oracle technology stack could occur for:

• Application Server (Oracle WebLogic)
• Content Repository (Oracle WebCenter Content)
• Security (Oracle Single Sign-On, Oracle Identity Management, Oracle Virtual Directory)
• Database (Oracle Database)

The level of standards compliance for each element that is being migrated will determine the level of effort required to perform the migration.
WebCenter Migration may also be expected where the existing solution is a web site, in which case the content and the internal web site link s will need to be migrated into the Oracle WebCenter Content repository in order that they can be utilised in the WebCenter Portal implementation. Ether Solutions has knowledge of some specialist tools to aid this migration including the tools from Proventeq.

WebCenter Migration could be a term used when moving from an existing Oracle product set to Oracle WebCenter suite. In the context of this web site, such a situation is considered a WebCenter Upgrade.